Assassins Guild Pin


This is the very first collectable pin we ever sold.

On release, it was partnered with the City Watch pin. Both measured only one inch.

A pewter skull set against a purple enamel background, surrounded by red gems and a banner displaying the guild’s famous motto: Nil Mortifi, Sine Lucre – “No Killing Without Payment”.

Hugely sought after and very rare.

Extremely limited stock

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The Little Black Book


To mark the first anniversary of Terry’s memorial, we have decided to offer fans the chance to own one of the few remaining copies of  ‘The Little Black Book’, a folio produced specifically to commemorate the wonderful event, held at the Barbican Theatre in London on April 14th 2016.

With contributions from Rob Wilkins, Neil Gaiman and Rhianna Pratchett, it also includes Terry’s A Little Advice For Life – read on the night by Sir Tony Robinson.  This wonderful little volume offers an insight into the hearts and minds of Terry’s closest friends and family.

The numbers are very limited and all proceeds will go to one of Terry’s favourite charities – RICE – an internationally renowned dementia research and treatment centre located in Bath.

Please note: this item is limited to one per household.

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Post Office Notebook


A beautiful A5 faux-leather notebook, with lined pages, embossed with the coat of arms of Ankh-Morpork.

The notebook comes complete with a set of perfectly postable stickers.

Ankh-Morpork never slept; the city never did more than doze, and would wake up around 3 a.m. for a glass of water.

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Dragons Tea Towel


Add some flare to the washing up! Featuring the artwork of Discworld artist Paul Kidby, and the careful observations of Leonard of Quirm on dragons.

This 100% natural coloured cotton tea towel is produced and made in the UK.

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Discworld Map Tea Towel


The Discworld Map tea towel, showing off a vast expanse of the Disc, as seen in The Last Hero. Chart your next journey across the disc whilst you finish the dishes – but remember – here be monsters…

Please note: This tea towel is digitally printed to the highest possible quality in order to show the artwork in all its glory, hence the slightly higher cost.

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