Colour Prints


These stunning full colour prints are printed on extremely high quality art paper with every vivid colour on display except perhaps octarine. The prints measure 420mm x 297mm, with the exception of the Lancre Map, which measures 310mm x 350mm. Each one is from a limited edition of 950.

They were personally signed by Sir Terry Pratchett whilst alive but numbers of signed copies are now  extremely limited.  Once all signed prints have been sold, the signature will be replaced by an embossed bee, Terry’s own design for his much revered Order of The Honey Bee.

Signed by Sir Terry Pratchett

Size: 420mm X 297mm


A wonderful portrayal of the Fresh Start Club, the Dead-rights and self-help organisation started by the zombie Reg Shoe. The club holds its meetings at 668 Elm Street, Ankh-Morpork. Despite his new job as a Watchman, Reg still runs it in his spare time.

Final few signed copies

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Signed by Sir Terry Pratchett

Size: 310mm x 350mm


A superb quality print featuring a breathtaking view of Lancre, one of the Discworld’s more picturesque kingdoms. Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick all live there. Lancre could hardly be somewhere ordinary, could it?
Magic glues the Discworld together and a lot of it ends up in Lancre, principal Kingdom of the Ramtop Mountains. It lies between Uberwald and Whale Bay, the Octarine Grass Country and the Windersins Ocean. The Ramtops supply Discworld with most of its witches and wizards. The leaves on the trees move even when there is no breeze, rocks go for a stroll in the evening. Even the land, at times, seems alive. Stare at this picture on your wall and perhaps.. just perhaps… you’ll see something move within it.

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