Disorganiser iPhone Cover

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  • iPhone 7 Plus

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Please note:
The iPhone 5 case option will unfortunately not fit the iPhone 5c.

Fresh from the auspices of Thaumatological Park, this Disorganiser phone cover is a great way to keep a little bit of Discworld with you at all times. There’s slightly less actual magic in these sturdy phone covers, but you’ll nevertheless find them just as invaluable.

‘Oh, well, if you prefer, I can recognise handwriting,’ said the imp proudly. ‘I’m quite advanced.’

Vimes pulled out his notebook and held it up. ‘Like this?’ he said.

The imp squinted for a moment. ‘Yep,’ it said. ‘That’s handwriting, sure enough. Curly bits, spiky bits, all joined together. Yep. Handwriting. I’d recognise it anywhere.’

Crafted from a hard, scratch-resistant plastic, this high-quality phone case is sublimation printed and will fit snugly around your phone and is available to fit a range of models.