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Rincewind Running – Black Long Sleeved & Ladies’ Fit

£15.00 £10.00

Here he goes again – running away from a horde of pursuers! Poor Rincewind the Wizzard spends just about all of his time running away from various bands of people who want to kill him for various reasons. So join in celebrating his resolve to run, just think of it as the ideal exercise t-shirt!

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Anthill Inside Ladies’ Fit


“On its outer surface Hex has a sticker saying ‘Anthill Inside’. No one knows why it is there, but it turned up one day.” We can only guess at the reason for the sticker’s mysterious appearance on Hex at the Unseen University. But one may presume that the millions of ants released into the complex network of glass tubes that make up the bulk of this mighty Discworld computer have something to do with it…

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