Unseen University

The Last Continent

Exclusively embossed with Terry's signature and sealed with his coat of arms


Format: Hardback

‘Anything you do in the past changes the future. The tiniest little actions have huge consequences. You might tread on an ant now and it might entirely prevent someone from being born in the future.’ There’s nothing like the issue of evolution to get under the skin of academics. Even if their field of expertise is magic rather than biology. With the best and most interfering minds of Unseen University somehow left in charge at a critical evolutionary turning point, the Discworld’s last continent needs a saviour…Who is this hero striding across the red desert? Sheep shearer, beer drinker, bush ranger, and someone who’ll even eat a Meat Pie Floater when he’s sober. In fact, it’s Rincewind, a wizard so inept he can’t even spell wizard. He’s the only hero left. Still…no worries, eh?

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Unseen University Scarf


100% saxony wool – these scarves measure 10″ x 72″ and are striped in navy, crimson, yellow and purple. The UU crest is embroidered in colour at one end. Made in the UK by the leading Oxbridge scarf maker.

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Available in Ladies Fit

Unseen University T Shirt T-shirt

£18.00 – £20.00

“Unseen University, home of the greatest wizards on the Discworld. And one or two of the worst.” Unseen University is the premiere school of wizardry in Ankh-Morpork, founded in the year 1282 AM (1 UC) by Alberto Malich the Wise.


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Unseen University Hoodie


Unseen University is the premiere school of wizardry in Ankh-Morpork, founded in the year 1282 AM (1 UC) by Alberto Malich the Wise. Located in the city of Ankh-Morpork, the UU is staffed by a faculty of fascinating characters, and you can show your allegiance now with this classic hoodie.

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Unseen University Tote Bag

£8.00 £4.00

Featuring the crest of Unseen University emblazoned on a maroon tote bag, show off your affiliation to the oldest institution on the disc.

‘Many things went on at Unseen University and, regrettably, teaching had to be one of them. The faculty had long ago confronted this fact and had perfected various devices for avoiding it. But this was perfectly all right because, to be fair, so had the students.’

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Available in Ladies Fit

Unseen University Crest T-shirt

£18.00 – £22.00

A grey marl t-shirt featuring the crest of Unseen University emblazoned on the chest, including the UU motto – NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES – Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

“The aim was to force some sort of regulation on wizardry, which at that time was quite chaotic, and to permit the existence of an institution that would allow one wizard to meet another without immediately endeavouring to blow his head off with magical fire, as was then the case.”

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Unseen University Crest Hoodie


This grey marl hoodie features the crest and motto of Ankh-Morpork’s Unseen University.

‘Can’t have a bunch of grocers and butchers telling a university how to run itself, Stibbons!’ Ridcully said firmly. ‘Thank them for their interest and tell them we’ll continue to take one hundred per cent of complete and utter dullards, as usual. Take ‘em in dull, turn ‘em out sparklin’, that’s always been the UU way!’

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Unseen University Socks


Now available in 2 size options!

Your robes fit a treat, you’ve loosened your belt for a feast, your long white beard looks immaculate – but the Eater of Socks has struck again!

Treat your toes to some fantastical footwear, the safest way to stave off the advances of the verruca gnome.

  • One pair of burgundy socks with the crest and name of Unseen University in yellow gold.
  • Officially licensed Discworld® merchandise
  • The perfect Hogswatch gift
  • Materials: 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • UK Sizes 4 – 7 or 7 – 11
  • Guaranteed not to be devoured by sock-eating manifestations caused by excess amounts of belief

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