Discworld® Intellectual Property Guidelines for Fans

Narrativia Limited

Brand Guidelines for Discworld Merchandise Licensees

Intellectual Property Rights

Licensees should note that in addition to various registered trade marks, numerous unregistered rights exist as a result of their use in trade by authorised persons.  Typically these relate to place names, character names, institution names and other distinctive words, phrases and images associated with Discworld.  Unregistered rights are protectable around the world by actions for passing-off, unfair competition and similar.

In addition, copyright exists not only in the written work of Sir Terry Pratchett and its evocation of the unique features and characters of Discworld, but also in associated artwork such as that of Paul Kidby and Josh Kirby.  These may only be used with express permission and subject to appropriate acknowledgment of the rights.

These guidelines are in addition to the requirements set out in your licence.


Licensees must strive to use licensed brands as ‘badges of origin’ for goods, as opposed to in a merely descriptive or decorative manner.  Both DISCWORLD and PRATCHETT, in particular, are umbrella brands which the public associates with authorised, official, high-quality merchandise.  Licensees must work with Narrativia to ensure that they do nothing to undermine the brands.  Every licensed product must comply with the following unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing:

Apparel, towels, bags and plush itemsMust have stitched-in label plus swing-tag, both stating “DISCWORLD® OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE LICENSED BY TERRY PRATCHETT®” in legible typeface.
Narrativia may also require garment labels and swing tags to bear an approved image of Sir Terry Pratchett or other logo associated with Discworld.
JewelleryMust have swing tag as above
All itemsIn addition to the above requirements, the packaging and labelling of every item, and the first page of any accompanying leaflet or instructions, must state prominently “DISCWORLD® OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE LICENSED BY TERRY PRATCHETT®” in legible typeface.
Unless impracticable for reasons of space, or already on a stitched-in label, the products themselves must also carry this wording.
Narrativia may also require products and/or labelling to bear an approved image of Sir Terry Pratchett or other logo associated with Discworld
All itemsNames and images of characters, places and institutions from Discworld shall be accompanied by either the ® symbol (if registered) or ™ (if unregistered)
All marketing and PR materialMust state prominently in legible typeface “DISCWORLD® and TERRY PRATCHETT® are registered trade marks of Dunmanifestin Limited.  All trade marks used under licence.  © Dunmanifestin Limited”
Ranges of goods relating to a character or institution from DiscworldWherever possible these should be marketed as a range under the character name as a unifying trade mark, and described as “official” or “authorised”.  For example, “Our NAC MAC FEEGLE® range of official merchandise” or “Our HOGSWATCH™ range of official merchandise”
Items featuring or based on artwork by Paul KidbyAll such use must be approved in writing according to the applicable licence terms.  The product (if there is sufficient space) and the packaging, any accompanying written material, and any marketing and PR material, must say “Original artwork © Paul Kidby”.

Description of Licensee

Wherever practicable, licensees should describe themselves as an “official licensee” and refer to their products as “official licensed merchandise”.

No licensee should suggest that they have exclusive rights if or to the extent that this is not the case.

Depiction of Characters

Character depictions on merchandise and marketing must represent an accurate portrayal of the character as described in the work of Sir Terry Pratchett.  Under no circumstances may their characteristics be altered, nor may they be ascribed opinions, beliefs or affiliations not apparent from Sir Terry’s work.

Depiction of Sir Terry Pratchett

Any depiction of Sir Terry by licensees must be authorised in writing in advance of use.


Where quotations are reproduced on merchandise, they should be brief and licensees must ensure their complete accuracy.  They must not be placed in any context that may distort their meaning.  Every item bearing a quotation must feature a legible notice stating the full title of the source book together with “© Dunmanifestin Limited.  Reproduced with permission.”, unless the size of the product makes this impracticable (in which case it must still say “© Dunmanifestin Limited”.

Discworld Events

Licensees may only organise Discworld or Pratchett live events with express written permission, which may be withheld for any reason.  Under no circumstances may a licensee produce merchandise relating to a Discworld or Pratchett live event (whether their own or a third party’s) or real-world anniversary without express written permission.


Licensees must refer all media enquiries to Rob Wilkins.  Licensees must not issue press releases or otherwise deal with the media in relation to Discworld or the life and work of Sir Terry Pratchett, save for usual announcements of licensed merchandise to appropriate trade press.

Social media accounts used to promote licensed merchandise must not be used for any other purpose or to express views not directly related to that purpose.  Any such social media account names that include “DISCWORLD”, “PRATCHETT”, “TERRY”, the title of any of Sir Terry’s works or the name of any Discworld character, place or institution, must have prior written permission.

Autographed Items

These must be authenticated to the satisfaction of Narrativia in advance of sale.

Baseball Caps

These are never approved as licensed items.


August 2017