Tiffany Aching

“A lot of Tiffany’s understanding of the world is based on Pratchett’s own experiences. Pratchett said, “It sounds amateurish to say that characters invent themselves, and in truth they don’t. That’s just a short-hand phrase. Of course the author invents them. But while the creative channel is being held open, all sorts of memories and thoughts creep out, somewhat to the owner’s surprise.” — Terry Pratchett


Shepherd’s Crown Tote Bag


Honey bee tote bag, created for the release of Terry’s final novel the Shepherd’s Crown. Limited stock.

“Suddenly there was a humming in the air, and the bees were there too. They flowed out of Granny Weatherwax’s hive, circling Tiffany like a halo, crowning her, and swarm and girl stood on the threshold of the cottage and Tiffany reached out her arms and the bees settled along them, and welcomed her home.”
Terry Pratchett, The Shepherd’s Crown

Size: 37cm x 41cm

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