Rincewind the Wizzard Miniature


This favourite Discworld character is depicted in a detailed 30mm scale, high quality metal cast miniature. It will arrive unpainted, requiring preparation, assembly and painting but when it’s finished you’ll be itching to collect the rest! Provided with a 30mm premium plastic round base. (Additional bases are also available in this section).

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Rincewind Running


Poor Rincewind, forever running away from something! Even after he and Twoflower part ways at the end of The Light Fantastic – with Twoflower giving Rincewind his sapient-pearwood Luggage in the process – Rincewind’s adventures continue to see him being chased across various regions of the Discworld in spite of, or often driven by, his desire to find somewhere where he can relish boredom in peace and quiet. This self-cling window sticker depicts a classic sillhouette of Rincewind and the Luggage running, in this case away from the Mob.

Size: 205mm X 60mm

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Panic and freak out


‘Panic and Freak Out!’ It’s time to buy stickers! This self-cling window sticker depicts one of our favourite office slogans.

Size: 100mm X 130mm

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Rincewind Bust (metalised)


Based on Paul Kidby’s illustrations of Rincewind the Wizzard, this detailed bust is made from high-quality resin, then coated with metalised paint and finished with a wooden base.

Size: 135mm tall

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