Doctorate of Sweet Fanny Adams


The rather colourfully named ‘doctorus adamus cum flabello dulci’ (Doctor of Sweet Fanny Adams), is an hounourary qualification available from Unseen University to all those who are impressed by long names and was bestowed upon Prince Khufurah of Klatch in Jingo.
The certificates were commissioned over twenty years ago as part of Stephen Briggs’ CMOT Dibbler collection, making them not only rare, but a truly collectable part of Discworld history. These certificates were produced as part of the original run so we have limited availability

“Apparently it’s a Doctorum Adamus cum Flabello Dulci—Is there something wrong, Sir Samuel?”

Vimes managed to turn the treacherous laugh into a coughing fit. “No, no, nothing,” he said. “No.”

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