The Last Hero

Blind Io – Limited Edition Keyring


Limited edition. The image is taken from the beginning of The Last Hero, depicting Blind Io, Chief of the gods of the Discworld. It is said that he isn’t originally a Discworld god, that his universe suffered some catastrophe and he escaped and settled down on the Discworld. If that is true, he certainly has adapted well.

A gorgeous leather fob keyring with a highly detailed metal disc.

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The Last Hero

Exclusively embossed with Terry's signature and sealed with his coat of arms


Page count: 248

Size: 12.8 x 1.6 x 19.6 cm

A ‘Discworld novel with pictures’ – the 27th instalment in the fantasy series that made Terry Pratchett an international superstar – in a brand-new format.

“A fable? Perhaps. Fabulous? Certainly.” — The Times

A small but perfectly formed complete Discworld novel, fully illustrated in lavish colour throughout, THE LAST HERO is an essential part of any Discworld collection.

It stars the legendary Cohen the Barbarian, a legend in his own lifetime. Cohen can remember when a hero didn’t have to worry about fences and lawyers and civilisation, and when people didn’t tell you off for killing dragons. But he can’t always remember, these days, where he put his teeth… So now, with his ancient sword and his new walking stick and his old friends – and they’re very old friends – Cohen the Barbarian is going on one final quest. He’s going to climb the highest mountain in the Discworld and meet his gods. The last hero in the world is going to return what the first hero stole. With a vengeance. That’ll mean the end of the world, if no one stops him in time.

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