Memorial items

Dried Frog Pills


Originally concocted by the Wizards of Unseen University from extremely poisonous frogs to help the Bursar attain a modicum of sanity, our frog pills are not at all poisonous and instead have a fresh, minty taste.

Produced for the Terry Pratchett Memorial, these were made available to the public due to popular demand.

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Terry’s Memorial Pin


Commissioned for the Terry Pratchett Memorial, to celebrate Terry’s life and work, this pin features a sprig of lilac, a symbol of Discworld remembrance immortalised in Night Watch. Measuring 30mm high, this pin spells out Terry’s name in golden detailing.

Vimes strolled over the moss-grown gravel. In the twilight, the lilac blooms seemed to shine. Their scent hung in the air like fog.

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