The Tiffany Aching Bundle – 2023 Cover Release

Exclusively embossed with Terry's signature and sealed with his coat of arms


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Format: Paperback

Introducing Tiffany to a New Generation with Fresh Cover Designs by Leo Nickolls & Paul Kidby.

Experience the Epic Journey of the Big Wee Hag and Her Companions

Due for release on the 9th of December and just in time for Hogswatch. The Tiffany Aching Series have had a make-over, one that is sure to get the next generation hooked on Discworld!

If you haven’t already done so, get ready to embark on a wild ride with the one and only Big Wee Hag! We start from her very first adventure and follow her epic journey all the way to her final emotional tale. Along the way, we’ll reunite with some of our favorite witches, along with some mischievous feegles and a wise, witty goat!

We’ll dive deep into a world filled with ancient foes, tricky elves, and all sorts of mysterious dangers lurking around Tiffany’s beloved Chalk. This journey will take you beyond time and space, with a captivating tale that will set your imagination on fire and leave you craving more.

With cover art by Leo Nickolls that feature elements of Paul Kidby’s iconic illustrations, you can read them in order, would you wish; The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight and The Shepherd’s Crown.