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'Mum’s are mums, Lance-Corporal.
They don’t like to see men managing by themselves, in case that sort of thing catches on.' —Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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These butterflies (Papilio tempestae) have wings of an undistinguished yellow with black mandelbrot patterns, and fractal edges of infinite length. A quantum weather butterfly can "create weather" merely by flapping its wings.

The major appearance of the quantum weather butterflies is in Interesting Times, when the Lady uses a seemingly endless flock of them to create a storm over Hunghung and the plains around it, on the Counterweight continent.

According to Vetinari in Feet of Clay, "the bodily secretions of the caterpillar of the Quantum Weather Butterfly will render a man quite, quite helpless."


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Some last minute #MothersDay specials. Gift ideas for Mums and all those that mother. 🌼 www.discworld.com 💐

We appreciate that #MothersDay is hard for some, so feel free to mute us this week if you'd rather.

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🌼 If you're still searching for gift ideas for that certain special someone, our latest newsletter is out now 📰 https://bit.ly/425DHx7

We've put together a few special offers too...
🫖 NEW! COASTER & MUG bundle featuring Nanny Ogg - £10.
🍽 2 or more TEA TOWELS - 25% off!

'There's no such thing as too much flattery where Mothers are concerned.' — Terry Pratchett, Making Money

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Always in our thoughts
Remembering Terry today and always.

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#PanicDay, created as a day to recognise how stressful life can sometimes be.

"Rincewind opened his mouth to reply but felt the words huddle together in his throat, reluctant to emerge into a world that was rapidly going mad."
—Terry Pratchett, Colour of Magic

#TerryPratchett #Discworld https://discworld.com/

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Wednesday March 8th, 2023
First celebrated in 1909!

"Find the story, Granny Weatherwax always said. She believed that the world was full of story shapes. If you let them, they controlled you. But if you studied them, if you found out �about them... �you could use�them, you could change them.”
― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

#Discworld #WomensDay

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A name is an identity that we all use to describe ourselves.
But do you have a unique name?
Were you named after a much loved Discworld character?
Or have you named a loved one after a character from the novels?
Let us know in the comments below!
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If the October release date is too far away for A Stroke of the Pen, here are some titles that are well worth a look 👀. Featuring his trademark humour, humanity and unforgettable way with words...
📰 https://bit.ly/3mtrhPo

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#InternationalRescueCatDay 🐱

"Greebo radiated genuine intelligence. He also radiated a smell that would have knocked over a wall and caused sinus trouble in a dead fox." Wyrd Sisters, #TerryPratchett 📚 https://bit.ly/3J8FM48

Cats have been woven in and out of human history for many centuries. Domesticated a few thousand years ago, cats can do more than just catch mice. They make great companions for many people, offering affection and love, even if it is mostly on their own terms…

Share all your wonderful cat photos with us today!

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📚 World Book Day - Thursday 2 March 2023📚

To help celebrate the gift of books, and World Book Day specifically, we are running a special offer on all Discworld paperback novels. BUY ONE & GET ONE FREE! 🤩 certain exclusions apply; pre-orders and non-standard publications.
Simply pop your paperbacks in your basket at 🔗www.discworld.com and the checkout will do the maths.
Offer ends midnight (GMT) 2nd March.

#worldbookday2023🌎📕 #TerryPratchett #Discworld #DiscworldOfficial

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Enter Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

We have been supplying official, licenced Discworld merchandise featuring the artwork of Paul Kidby for over twenty years. Within these pages you will meet all your favourite characters from witches, wizards, watchmen and dragons, to trolls, the Nac Mac Feegles and of course, DEATH. We offer the widest possible range of merchandise and gifts and pride ourselves on producing top quality products at affordable prices. There is something for every Terry Pratchett fan and we are the ONLY suppliers of books that are beautifully embossed and sealed with Terry’s signature stamp and coat of arms, the design of which was overseen and approved by Terry himself.