The Ultimate Discworld Companion – The Dunmanifestin Edition

Exclusively embossed with Terry's signature and sealed with his coat of arms


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Format: Boxed Hardback

Size: 322mm x 245mm x 67mm

Your guide to the entirety of Discworld®, from The Colour of Magic to The Shepherd’s Crown, and everything in between. The Ultimate Discworld Companion covers the riotous, intricate, and exuberant world that is the life’s work of master storyteller Terry Pratchett.

This beautiful volume is the essential guide to Discworld’s characters, concepts and creatures, assembled by Terry’s long-time collaborators, Discworld archivist Stephen Briggs and official Discworld artist Paul Kidby.

Besides being the most comprehensive guide to Discworld, this special edition also includes expanded entries and information covering the events of The Science of Discworld series, additional full-colour artwork, and exclusive brand-new illustrations. Bound in a foil-embossed cover and presented in a matching presentation slipcase, this book is the ultimate companion to your Discworld library.

Customers who pre-ordered their copy received an exclusive Paul Kidby print.

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– The two pieces of artwork shown in our gallery are exclusive to this edition and are not related to the Paul Kidby pre-order exclusive print offer.