Mort Slipcase Book Club Edition


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Format: Slipcase

Page count: 240

Size: 240mm x 165mm

Mort Velvet Book Club Edition in the Same Series as, Our Already Listed, Small Gods

Very Limited

Young Mort despairs of finding a suitable career in his provincial village, until one day he is rather unexpectedly hired by a bony figure in a cowl – Death, it seems, is in need of an apprentice. Introduced to the chilly truth behind the workings of the universe, the inherently curious Mort cannot help but meddle with the laws of time and space. The resulting chaos means all manner of trouble for the stability of reality, not to mention his burgeoning love life …

Omar Rayyan, a long-time fan of the Discworld series, has provided 7 colour illustrations that capture the humour and vibrancy of Pratchett’s remarkable creation. This beautiful collector’s edition features printed endpapers illustrated by the artist, a slipcase printed with a silver line drawing, and a cover bound in tactile velveteen cloth, with an illustrated inset paper label. The spine sports a tiny silver A’Tuin, the great disc-carrying turtle – truly an edition fit for the Unseen University’s very own library.

Bound in cloth with an inset paper label printed with a design by the artist Set in Caslon 240 pages Black & white title-page illustration and 7 colour illustrations Printed endpapers Printed slipcase 9½˝ x 6¼˝

Terry Pratchett’ Small Gods is produced in series.