The Alchemist’s Guild Collectable Pin


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Originally released in 2010, this collector’s pin proved to be the most popular one ever released, selling in record time and quickly becoming something of a Discworld rarity. Featuring the motto OMNIS QVI, CORVSCAT EST OR (All That Glitters Is Gold), the panels depict flames and fire on blue and red enamel backgrounds.

“The Alchemists’ Guild is opposite the Gamblers’ Guild. Usually. Sometimes it’s above it, or below it, or falling in bits around it. The gamblers are occasionally asked why they continue to maintain an establishment opposite a Guild which accidentally blows up its Guild Hall every few months, and they say: ‘Did you read the sign on the door when you came in?’” — Terry Pratchett – Men At Arms

Very limited stock.

Size: 33mm x 38mm