The Last Hero Collectable Pin


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Taken from the best selling novel ‘The Last Hero’, this pin was originally released in June 2010. The artwork features at the beginning of the book engulfed in flames. This collectable pin uses that same image depicting the Great A’Tuin and Cohen’s sword.

The turtle is gold coloured and the sword silver. It measures 36mm along the length of the sword. This badge comes in a small drawstring pouch.

“It sucks all the life right out of you, civilisation.”

“It killed Old Vincent the Ripper,” said Boy Willie. “He choked to death on a concubine.”

There was no sound but the hiss of snow in the fire and a number of people thinking fast.

“I think you mean cucumber,” said the bard.

“That’s right, cucumber,” said Boy Willie. “I’ve never been good at them long words.”

“Very important difference in a salad situation.” said Cohen.”