Family Values Canvas Print


Size: 300mm x 400mm

Our brand new canvas design, Family Values.

“Susan: It’s in Her Bones

Susan Sto Helit, Death’s granddaughter and off-spring of Mort and Ysabel. Ordinary genetics should not allow any supernatural traits to be passed on, but things are different when there’s a Death in the family” — The Art of Discworld

Size: 300mm x 400mm

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Under an Eldritch Sky Canvas Print


We love this scene of Death Under an Eldritch Sky from ‘Soul Music’. This rocking novel introduces an element of modern society into the magical and vaguely late medieval, early modern world of the Discworld with nearly disastrous consequences. It also introduces Susan Sto Helit, daughter of Mort and Ysabell and granddaughter of Death. And when you stare into this canvas perhaps you’ll hear a note or two of that new and addictive music that ‘rocked’ the Discworld. It’s got a beat and you can dance to it, but… It’s alive. And it won’t fade away. It’s called Music With Rocks In…

Size: 300mm x 400mm

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Death With Kitten Lanyard


Love Death? (Not literally, just the character), love kittens?

This is the one for you.

‘Death opened the box and took out the kitten. It stared at him with the normal mad amazement of kittens everywhere.

I DON’T HOLD WITH CRUELTY TO CATS, said Death, putting it gently on the floor.’

A 20mm dye sublimation lanyard complete with trigger clip fitting, split ring and safety break.

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Small - 4XL

Death With Albert Hogswatch T-Shirt T-shirt

£20.00 - £22.00

Size: Small - 4XL

Death & Albert Hogswatch seasonal t-shirt. HO HO HO.

“No, no, no!” said Albert. “You got to put a bit of life in it, sir, no offence intended. It’s got to be a big fat laugh. You got too… you got to sound like you’re pissing brandy and crapping plum pudding, sir, excuse my Klatchian.”

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