Discworld Pencil Set


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19th Grune – Invention of the Pencil

On this day in AM1789, Osric Pencillium succeeded in domestically cultivating the graphite-cored, thin-branched bush which now bears his name. Early ‘pencils’ were very soft 4B varieties.

— The Ankh-Morpork Archives, A Discworld Anthology, Volume 1

Our pencils are not the graphite-cored thin-branched bush type, thankfully!  Rather they are midnight blue, HB  and have a white rubber to undo any mistakes. This set of 5 designs feature typography inspired by some of our favourite characters:

  • Death of Rat’s ‘SQUEAK!’
  • Librarian’s ‘Ook!’
  • Granny’s favourite sign ‘I Aten’t Dead’
  • The City Watch’s slogan ‘Fabricati Diem PVNC’
  • Rincewind’s unique moniker ‘Wizzard’