The Amazing Maurice Jigsaw Puzzle


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200-PIECE PUZZLE featuring the world of The Amazing Maurice film. The perfect challenge for Terry Pratchett fans – or anyone who loves a good jigsaw.

SPOT BELOVED CHARACTERS from Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld® novel for kids! Meet everyone from heroes like Keith, Malicia and Dangerous Beans, to villains like Boss Man and rat catchers Billy and Ron.

INCLUDES A PULL-OUT POSTER identifying all the characters and telling their tales.

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STURDY & ATTRACTIVE BOX perfect for gifting and storage.

Meet the cast of the film based on Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld® novel for kids! Follow the scheming Maurice and his band of rat-scammers to the town of Bad Blintz to meet fairytale-mad Malicia and some truly bad eggs! Get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding this town and learn about all the characters in this 200-piece jigsaw puzzle and accompanying poster.

Size: 495mm x 360mm