Big Jobs!

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As we all know, Feegles have a particular fondness for headbutting creatures far larger than themselves. And we humans ‘fondly’ termed ‘Big Jobs’ by these fearless fairy folk are just such creatures. So why not let any sneaky Feegles who may be hiding in your car know there’s a ‘Big Job’ about with this self-cling window sticker.

Last Few

Size: 205mm X 60mm

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Hex/Anthill Inside Holographic Sticker


And here is a self-adhesive hologram of the mysterious ‘Anthill Inside’ sticker to liven up your laptop case, iPhone or forehead! Again every computer at HQ has one of these.. and we’re not beyond branding everyone we run into in the street either. You have been warned!

Size: 40mm X 40mm

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