A Frenzy of Feegles

£22.00 – £24.00


This high quality Gildan t-shirt is screen printed with a design by Discworld artist Paul Kidby, showing nine of the most well-known members of clan Nac Mac Feegle.

“They were all about six inches tall and mostly coloured blue, although it was hard to know if that was the actual colour of their skins or just the dye from their tattoos, which covered every inch that wasn’t covered with red hair. They wore short kilts, and some wore other bits of clothing too, like skinny vests. A few of them wore rabbit or rat skulls on their heads, as a sort of helmet. And every single one of them carried, slung across his back, a sword nearly as big as he was.”

Small – 34/36″
Medium – 38/40″
Large – 42/44″
XL – 46/48″
2XL – 50/52″
3XL = 54/56″
4XL = 58/60″
5XL = 62/64″