Terry Pratchett: Living With Alzheimer’s

Exclusively sealed with Sir Terry Pratchett's coat of arms


This programme follows Terry coming to terms with his diagnosis, living with his condition, facing the certainty of its conclusion and his mission to find a cure. Adamant that he has done nothing wrong and that Alzheimer’s sufferers should not be stigmatised, this is the genuine personal journey of one man, through the science and the reality of what it s like to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

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Tiffany’s Hare Pendant – Silver


The hare measures 50mm across, chain length 18ins. Designed exclusively for Discworld.com by Tom Lynall. Now redesigned and looking absolutely stunning, the hare has leaped back into stock just in time for the launch of The Shepherd’s Crown. A breathtaking reproduction of Tiffany’s hare pendant, this elegant boxed necklace is available in both silver and gold plate. The perfect gift for all would be witches.

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Woof Bloody Woof Mug


Featuring the most talkative canine resident of Ankh-Morpork, this mug bears Gaspode the Wonder Dog, as imagined by Paul Kidby, and one of his more sardonic utterances.

‘Woof bloody woof,’ said Gaspode the Wonder Dog.

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