Beggar’s Guild Badge


Size: 29 x 33mm

A brand new addition to our ever popular badge range. Show your allegiance to the Beggars’ guild! MONETA SVPERVACANEA, MAGISTER? – Spare change, guv’nor?

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Hogfather – 25th Anniversary Edition

Exclusively embossed with Terry's signature and sealed with his coat of arms


Format: Paperback

Size: 128mm x 198mm x 35mm

with a new introduction by Tony Robinson

‘Twas the night before Hogswatch and all through the house…something was missing.

The stockings are hanging ready, the sherry and pies are waiting by the fireplace – but where is the jolly fat man with his sack? It’s not right to find Death creeping down chimneys and trying to say Ho Ho Ho – but someone’s got to bring the little kiddies their presents. Or else they might stop believing. Belief is important in Discworld, particularly on the last night of the year when the time is turning. If the real man in the red suit isn’t found by morning, there won’t be a morning. Ever again…

A festive feast of darkness, jolly robins and tinsel. As they say: ‘You’d better watch out…’

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The Librarian Under the Mistletoe Hogswatch Sweatshirt Hoodie

£28.00 – £30.00

The Librarian under the mistletoe. A jolly festive sweatshirt. A wonderful edition to any  seasonal wardrobe.

“Yes, sir, but the Librarian likes bananas, sir.”
“Very nourishin’ fruit, Mr Stibbons.”
“Yes, sir. Although, funnily enough it’s not actually a fruit, sir.”
“Yes, sir. Botanically, it’s a type of fish, sir. According to my theory it’s cladistically associated with the Krullian pipefish, sir, which of course is also yellow and goes around in bunches or shoals.”
“And lives in trees?”
“Well, not usually, sir. The banana is obviously exploiting a new niche.”
“Good heavens, really? It’s a funny thing, but I’ve never much liked bananas and I’ve always been a bit suspicious of fish, too. That’d explain it.” Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

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