Unseen University Notebook


Format: Hardback

Page count: 240

Size: A5

A beautiful A5 faux-leather notebook, with lined pages, embossed with the coat of arms of Unseen University.

The notebook comes complete with a set of suitably simian UU stickers.

Many things went on at Unseen University and, regrettably, teaching had to be one of them. The faculty had long ago confronted this fact and had perfected various devices for avoiding it. But this was perfectly all right because, to be fair, so had the students.

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029 Bilious Trading Card


Wait, where’s 18!?

Well done for finding the deliberate mistake! Okay, not quite so deliberate, but we had to make a few last-minute alterations which lead to numbers 18 and 29 swapping numbers but not sets. Assassins are rather too good at escaping when no one’s looking… Besides, we’re much too scared to tell a god and an assassin where to go, so these two cards have a few quirks!

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