Assembly & Painting Required

Death & Death of Rats Miniature


This favourite Discworld character is depicted in a detailed 30mm scale, high quality resin cast miniature. It will arrive unpainted, requiring preparation, assembly and painting but when it’s finished you’ll be itching to collect the rest! Provided with a 30mm premium plastic round base. (Additional bases are also available in this section).


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Discworld Playing Cards


  • Discworld Playing Cards – these playing cards feature illustrations of your favourite Discworld Characters
  • A standard deck containing 52 cards plus 2 jokers
  • Card Size 87 x 55mm.
  • Perfect for all your favourite card games


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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Calendar 2019: Imaginarium


The calendar dates are extensive, and exhaustively researched, and include all major real-time calendrical data for Great Britain, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, as well as notable Discworld dates.

The 2019 calendar draws upon the whimsical, remarkable art of long-time Discworld collaborator, Paul Kidby – the man whose depictions Terry Pratchett himself described as being ‘the closest anyone’s got to how I see the characters’.

Low Stock

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Discworld Pencil Set


19th Grune – Invention of the Pencil

On this day in AM1789, Osric Pencillium succeeded in domestically cultivating the graphite-cored, thin-branched bush which now bears his name. Early ‘pencils’ were very soft 4B varieties.

— The Ankh-Morpork Archives, A Discworld Anthology, Volume 1

Our pencils are not the graphite-cored thin-branched bush type, thankfully!  Rather they are midnight blue, HB  and have a white rubber to undo any mistakes. This set of 5 designs feature typography inspired by some of our favourite characters:

  • Death of Rat’s ‘SQUEAK!’
  • Librarian’s ‘Ook!’
  • Granny’s favourite sign ‘I Aten’t Dead’
  • The City Watch’s slogan ‘Fabricati Diem PVNC’
  • Rincewind’s unique moniker ‘Wizzard’

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Ook! Domed Sticker


A sticker featuring the Librarian’s “Ook!” as opposed to “Eek”….

Ideal for sticking onto your computers, notebooks, mirrors and noses

A self-adhesive domed sticker.


Size: 25.8mm x 30mm

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