Monthly Archives: July 2006

News From Terry Pratchett

26th July 2006

26th February 2007 News From Terry Pratchett I spoke with Terry Pratchett this afternoon and he filled me in with his latest news; “ The news here is that Making Money has gone off to the publisher; currently the various works in progress are The Folklore of Discworld, which I am working on with Jacqueline Simpson (co-author of the Lore…

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Wintersmith tour

25th July 2006

25th July 2006 United Kingdom Thursday 28th September, 6pm Terry in conversation with… At the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London. Organised by Blackwell’s Charing Cross Road. Tickets £7 – Call 0845 456 9876 Friday 29th September, 6.30pm Terry in conversation with… At The Dancehouse, 10 Oxford Road, Manchester. Organised by Waterstone’s Deansgate. Tickets £4 – visit Waterstone’s from…

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18th July 2006

18th APRIL 2006 HOGFATHER THE MOVIE HO! HO! HO! Monday 17th April saw the first day of principal photography on Hogfather the Movie and so a very early start for Terry and Rob. They were called from their hotel at an ungodly 6.30am and taken for a slap-up breakfast at the unit base before heading off to the first location….

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