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Goodbye to the Year of the Pensive Hare..

31st December 2009


It’s official; we can soon wave goodbye to the Year of the Pensive Hare as we welcome in the…

‘ Year of the Happy Goose ‘

Terry Pratchett

Arise, Sir Terry!

30th December 2009

Folks, There are times when the phrase “Absolutely, totally, gobsmackingly, mindbogglingly amazed” just doesn’t cover it, but I find that in the Queen’s New Year Honours list I am now a Knight, for services to literature.  This means that fans, while not calling me Sir, must now refrain from throwing things.  Regrettably, no sword is included in the box 🙂…

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15th December 2009

The Studio Theatre Club has lost one more of its original City Watch.  Graham Cook died the week after appearing as Recent Runes in the STC’s Unseen University.  It was unexpected, and a huge shock to all who knew him.  Graham was a real character, irritating at times (like all of us!), but always chatting away about something and with…

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Hogswatch message from Terry

12th December 2009

Dear Wonderful Fans, Well, some…  A few…  Well, at least three of you… First a little seasonal note.  We are sending out no Hogswatch cards this year, but the money instead – £10,000 – has gone to the RICE Centre, thus helping the cause of Alzheimer’s research and treatment and the cause of keeping your mantelpiece totally uncluttered and thus…

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