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Neil Gaiman Talks About The Good Omens TV Adaptation

25th March 2011

Cult novel Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry has been adapted for radio. Here Neil Gaiman tells the story of how it came to be written to the BBC. For the uninitiated, Good Omens is a story about how the world is going to end next Saturday. Just after tea. And how the only things standing between us and…

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NEW Discworld enamel badges

22nd March 2011

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a fabulous new range of Discworld enamelled badges. We love this range of quirky enamel Dweenie badges featuring many of your favourite Discworld characters. It’s just too tempting not to collect them all and cover a rucksack, or a canvas bag… or a denim jacket. Go on, you know you want to! Each…

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City Watch Collectable Pin AVAILABLE NOW!

17th March 2011

Cast your mind back to the very beginning… if you can see oversized reptiles and rather more lava than you feel comfortable with, then you have gone back too far… what we mean is go back to the beginning of the Collectable Pins.  Once there, you will possibly remember the now very rare 1″ City Watch pin that started this…

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Terry Pratchett – The Watch Series

11th March 2011

Sir Terry Pratchett and Rod Brown, Managing Director of Prime Focus Productions, announce that they have come to an agreement for the unprecedented and exclusive worldwide television rights to create brand new storylines for the iconic characters of Pratchett’s phenomenally successful Discworld series. Terry’s universal success has seen him create one of the leading fantasy fiction franchises of all time,…

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A catch up with Terry

1st March 2011

Folks,There has been a long time between updates, mostly because since early November life has been extremely hectic.  A large part of that month being mostly spent clearing snow.  And then, for some reason, Christmas seemed twice as long as any other Christmas, but enjoyable nevertheless.  And now, since our schedule is always pretty full, the world in general believing…

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