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31st July 2007

31st July 2007 COLOUR OF MAGIC CAST RHI Entertainment, the Mob Film Co. and Sky One have teamed for The Colour of Magic, a miniseries based on Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel to star Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee and David Jason. The live-action/CGI project, a follow-up to the trio’s successful adaptation of Pratchett’s Hogfather as a miniseries last year,…

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18th July 2007

18th July 2007 EXTRAS! EXTRAS! UPDATE! Folks, Here is an update. As we indicated, we are not the judges here, but stuff is passing through our hands and so it might be time to sharpen things up a little.  We understand that decisions are being made over the next few days. Fans are being invited to come along to be…

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Extras extras

12th July 2007

12th July 2007 EXTRAS! EXTRAS! When we were planning the movie of Hogfather we met a lot of Discworld fans and admired their enthusiasm for costuming.  That led to us inviting fans to join the extras in some of the scenes of that movie. Boy, was that a high speed learning process.  We had not realised that the history of…

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