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Going Postal – Cast List

26th July 2009

Below is the current cast list which we shall add to as and when we have news!

Moist von Lipwig – Richard Coyle

Reacher Guilt – David Suchet

Lord Vetinari – Charles Dance

Adora Belle Dearheart – Claire Foy

Drumknott – Steve Pemberton

Groat – Andrew Sachs

Miss Cripslock – Tamsin Greig

Going Postal Fan Days in Budapest

22nd July 2009

We have now identified 3 days in August that we could invite a limited number of fans to Budapest to act as extras alongside our Hungarian extras during the shooting of Going Postal. The days are Monday and Tuesday 10/11th August (a maximum of 15 fans) and Friday 21st August (maximum of 12 fans) Total 27 fans. PLEASE NOTE :…

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Terry’s July Update

21st July 2009

Folks, Today we have been finishing the editing of Unseen Academicals. It has been an immensely complex month with the Darwin Festival in Cambridge, the Oldie literary lunch, an honorary doctorate from Bradford; all of which has been exacerbated by a breakdown in one of our main machines. Next week we go to see the National to discuss their upcoming…

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