Monthly Archives: September 2010

Tribute to Ralph Vicinanza

26th September 2010

Today we pay tribute to Ralph Vicinanza, a literary agent and colleague whose clients included Stephen King, Augusten Burroughs and the Dalai Lama. Ralph passed away yesterday at the tender age of 60. Vicinanza was in publishing for nearly 40 years and early on took a special interest in what he considered an undervalued field – international rights, working on…

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1st September 2010

Congratulations to John Lawn and Alex Carlton whose names came out of the hat first and will be heading off to Waterstone’s Piccadilly for the midnight launch of I Shall Wear Midnight. Commiserations to everyone else, but thank you for taking part. Better luck next time, eh? Serious note: Please DO NOT turn up to the shop in the hope…

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