Happy New Year from Terry & the team at PJSM!

Tuesday, 1st January , 2008

Folks,Happy New Year!

I’m going to keep this short because I’d like to finish Nation by the end of the week, but things here are looking up a bit since my last report.

I shall very soon be on medication that in theory should blow some of the cobwebs away and I hope my typing speed and accuracy will improve. Meanwhile, we are in contact with various organisation and researchers and keeping in touch with developments in the field, which is something of a Cinderella compared with other major illnesses.

In short, we are trying to set up a system so that if any researcher anywhere shouts “Eureka!” I’ll be banging on his door even before he’s found a towel.

I still expect to be able to go to the UK and US conventions. Apart from that, all my time in the office these days is spent writing, although there are a few events that I am taking on this year. I regret to say that I’m even cutting down on answering fan mail because my typing is so slow.

A new book or an answer to your fan letter – don’t make me choose.

We’re still getting lots of people saying “Is there anything we can do?” (Including high end brain specialists or other knowledgeable people who make up my “Greek Chorus” of advisors.) What will undoubtedly help, if you feel inclined, is to send some money. We will shortly be setting up a mechanism for you to do so and will post news on this when it is ready. This will be passed onto the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, who have been very helpful.

Terry Pratchett