Friday, 2nd October , 2009


I expect that most of you know that I am determined to die peacefully in my own garden before my Alzheimer’s has reached its most unpleasant stage, which might still be quite some time away.  That is why I am now a patron of Dignity in Dying and my new friends there have asked me to pass on this link to a petition to properly legalise well regulated assisted dying in the UK.

It has been put together by people who know their stuff and have some political awareness; if it had been written by me the paper would have burst into flames because I believe the religious right, having lost the original suicide debate in the 60s/70s and the abortion debate in the 60s are really getting behind this one and are portraying what could be a carefully and sympathetically delivered service to people with serious, debilitating and untreatable diseases as if it’s an open door to a nationwide cull of old people.  Their arguments are frequently pernicious and highly objectionable and must be combated.

Please consider signing here and add your voice.

Many thanks.

Terry Pratchett