Discworld Knight on display at Terry’s local pub.

Friday, 9th October , 2015

The Discworld Knight baron has this week taken up residency at The Queen’s Head pub in Broad Chalke in Wiltshire, where it will be on display for the next couple of months before moving to its permanent home in the Chalke Valley. It is hard to imagine a more fitting tribute to Terry for whom this statue was dedicated.

The design of the baron was already in production at the time of Terry’s untimely passing on 12th March 2015. His family kindly gave permission for The Discworld Knight to remain in The Barons’ Charter project in his memory and at the auction on 1st October, Rob Wilkins was the winning bidder.

Rob worked alongside Terry for many years, and felt that the most fitting tribute to the author would be to secure the magnificent statue and place it in the author’s favourite pub for all to admire.

We all know that Terry had the most incredible sense of humour, and would have taken great delight in reappearing here to keep an eye on the locals” he said.

The Discworld Knight was painted by Paul Kidby, Terry’s artist of choice and cover illustrator for a great many of the Discworld novels. Paul gave the Knight the face of the author and embellished his cloak, shield and sword with a montage of Discworld Imagery.

Speaking about his design Paul said: “’The Discworld Knight’ was inspired by the great writing of Sir Terry Pratchett, who lived locally, so it seemed fitting that my baron celebrates his work and is a way for me to make a personal tribute to him following his sad death.  His creativity brought so much inspiration and joy to so many of us. It was an honour and privilege to work with him and I owe him a great debt of gratitude.”

Elizabeth Edwards, manager of the Queen’s Head pub said “We are delighted and honoured to display the Discworld Knight. Terry was a regular patron and would have been pleased to see this statue in the restaurant where he so often raised a glass with friends.”