Wednesday, 18th July , 2007

18th July 2007



Here is an update.

As we indicated, we are not the judges here, but stuff is passing through our hands and so it might be time to sharpen things up a little.  We understand that decisions are being made over the next few days.

Fans are being invited to come along to be part of an Ankh-Morpork mob.  The film makers have done it because they know the fans like costuming and would like to be part of the action.  And that’s it.  They are not providing costumes, although my suspicion is that the wardrobe and makeup departments might be able to help out here and there on the day.  Your costumes don’t have to be grand – exactly how grand is an Ankh-Morpork mob going to be in any case?  We have to say this because some people appear to have the idea that if they turn up, costumes will be supplied.  That will not happen.

It’s probably worth pointing out that Death, for example, will not be in the mob.  Nor will Susan, nor will postmen or galactic stormtroopers (I’m putting this one in despite Rob’s pleading.)  Apart from anything else, this is set in the early history of the Discworld books and so people like Moist von Lipwig and William de Word, for example, haven’t come close to setting foot in Ankh-Morpork or may not have even been born.

However, we have seen a lot of natural Ankh-Morpork folk passing across our screens and we are urging Mob Films to start making some choices, particularly since the foreign fans will have to make their travel arrangements.

As Mob said at the start, you will be getting a small payment for this.  Crass though I know it sounds, I had better add that if your keenness and devotion to Discworld leads you to pay international airfares then we shall all be jolly well humbled by your dedication to the cause but, alas, there will be no budget for that.

Terry Pratchett