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Thursday, 12th July , 2007

12th July 2007


When we were planning the movie of Hogfather we met a lot of Discworld fans and admired their enthusiasm for costuming.  That led to us inviting fans to join the extras in some of the scenes of that movie.

Boy, was that a high speed learning process.  We had not realised that the history of fan involvement with movies was so chequered.

Since then we have learned more about fandom. We went along to the Discworld Convention and had a great time. We made certain that fans got more than half the tickets for the Hogfather premiere. And now, with the Colour of Magic / Light Fantastic movie in production we are going to extend the offer of (minor) participation again – and this time you know who we are.  Many of you have already met us.

On August 1st and 2nd the magic of the movies will be strained to its utmost to turn part of Guildford into Ankh-Morpork (no jokes, please).  We need Ankh-Morpork citizens.  We would very much like to have citizens on both days to a maximum of 50 people.  Ideally we would like the same faces on both days, because that helps with the continuity of the filming. We can accommodate some one day only visitors, but two days is really what we are looking for.

Regrettably, we don’t need wizards.  We have nothing against wizards.  We like wizards. However, since the crowd will be demonstrating against the wizards of Unseen University, having wizards taking part in the demonstration as well would be silly.  Apart from that, anyone who could be legitimately part of of an Ankh-Morpork crowd would be acceptable. We know there are some wonderful Discworld costumes out there and we can help out somewhat from the wardrobe department on the day, perhaps in order to enforce the fact that Discworld as yet does not have trainers or lurex or much in the way of bright colours. You will find styles from late Tudor to early Victorian to generic Fantasy, but you won’t find much glitter.  And remember: most citizens in Ankh-Morpork probably think soap is bad for you.

This is not a way of doing without extras.  We will have lots of extras. God help us, we have reason to believe that fans would actually enjoy taking part.

The fine detail:  We could accomodate around 50 of you.  We will pay you £25 a day towards your expenses, we will feed you, you will get priority tickets to the premiere, a very limited edition cast & crew T-shirt and an Ankh-Morpork Access All Areas laminated pass.  We will also give an additional award for the best costume.

Further news and information will be posted
here shortly.

All the best.

The Mob Film Company

The Mob Film Co.