Going Postal Fan Days in Budapest

Wednesday, 22nd July , 2009

We have now identified 3 days in August that we could invite a limited number of fans to Budapest to act as extras alongside our Hungarian extras during the shooting of Going Postal.

The days are Monday and Tuesday 10/11th August (a maximum of 15 fans) and Friday 21st August (maximum of 12 fans) Total 27 fans.

PLEASE NOTE : Only EU nationals can apply, due to European labour laws.

We would ask the 15 people who put themselves up for the 10/11th August to commit to the two days filming (Monday and Tuesday) to keep continuity for the scenes that will be filmed over those two days. If they can’t commit this time, then they should not apply for these two days.

Those who apply for and are chosen for the 21st August will only be expected on the one day.

What we will supply:

Transport (bus) to and from a central Budapest pick up point to the studio prior to and post filming at a time to be arranged by us (likely to be 7 a.m. ‘ish’ pick up, return 8 pm ‘ish’).

Costumes, which will be returnable to the costume department post shoot.

Lunch and refreshments while at the studio.

You will receive an HUF8.000 per day allowance (approx £24), the same rate as the Hungarian extras.

What we won’t supply:

Transport to and from Hungary (planes, trains, automobiles, boats or bikes etcetera).


Food and drink over and above the lunch and refreshments supplied on set.

Premier tickets.

A credit on the film.

All applications should be made by email to our coordinator Victoria –  victoria@mobfilm.com – which should include a photograph, which needs to be identifiably you, but does not need to be in costume.

The deadline for applications is 8 p.m. on Wednesday 29th July 2009.

We will draw names on Thursday 30th July and will let people know who have been accepted by email on that day.

Rod Brown
Producer – Mob Films