Hogswatch Wishes From Terry

Friday, 21st December , 2007

21st December 2007

Hogswatch Wishes From Terry


We have had many tens of thousands of e-mails from people and the letter flood is just beginning to bite (hilariously, spam traps here tend to pick up things like ‘medication’ and treat quite a lot of the mail as spam.  If we switch them off, we get all the spam too – hurrah!). All this good will is appreciated, although there is no way on gods earth that I will be able to reply to even a fraction of you.  I would like people to bear in mind that I have been diagnosed quite early after an MRI scan and a whole afternoon of tests.  While nothing is certain, one does not have to be unduly optimistic to believe that I will be around and, hopefully, working for some time to come.  My
advice, therefore, is to calm down and await events.  I have not actually gone, yet.

As an aside, thanks to everyone who bought Making Money making it, we understand, the best selling hardback fiction of 2007.  At least that’s what the figures say.  It will be interesting to see if the papers say it too.

Happy Hogswatch!

Terry Pratchett