PJSM Prints – Major Site Update

Tuesday, 20th February , 2007

20th February 2007

PJSM Prints – Major Site Update

We have just finished implementing a major update to our website, but hope that you won’t notice any difference! The update has taken a very intense six weeks to complete and increases the funcionality and security of our shopping cart system. In June this year banks credit card companies will be making significant changes to how online orders are processed and we are now ready to take full advantage of this new technology. We have also improved our interface with PayPal and so the checkout procedure is now a much smoother experience.

Should you notice any problems with any ‘Add to Basket’ buttons not adding the correct item to the shopping cart then please let us know. We have checked the system thoroughly, but here are bound to be a few that have slipped through the net.

We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy your shopping experience with us.

Sandra Kidby