Wednesday, 19th April , 2006

18th APRIL 2006


Just so you don’t hear a different version of this from the Rumour Goblins, touring plans for this year include; a visit to Moscow & St. Petersburg at the end of May/early June. Visits to Bern, Berlin and Vienna in mid-September. A number of UK dates in late September and early October and a US tour, probably about twelve days in length, starting mid-October. As I have mentioned before, Terry is not going to WorldCon this year because it is a weekend after the UK DWCon and frankly the fall is so crammed that he has had to claw back some time for writing.

Further details as and when we have them…

Terry’s health right now is fine but it’s worth bearing in mind that he has two very elderly arents and there are times for all of us when the diary is not the most important thing in life.