Terry signs at the Hayling Island Bookshop and Waterstones Piccadilly

Saturday, 13th September , 2008

The smallest island book shop and the Nation’s largest bookshop joined forces to launch Terry Pratchett’s new novel, NATION, at special events held on Saturday 13th September.

NATION is set on a small desert island and challenges the way we think about cultural identity, nationhood and the history of civilisation. To reflect the book’s setting and story, Random House Children’s Books held the biggest and smallest bookshop signings with the Hayling Island Bookshop (smallest) and Waterstone’s Piccadilly (biggest).

At just over 3m2, the Hayling Island bookshop is the smallest island bookshop with enough space to hold only one copy of each book it stocks. In contrast, Waterstone’s Piccadilly is set over 7 floors with 5000m2 of shop space, making it the biggest bookshop in Europe. It is at these two very different venues that fans gathered for the chance to meet Terry Pratchett and get a copy of NATION signed.