Troll Bridge gets a boost

Sunday, 18th October , 2015

Work on completing Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge continues and there have been some exciting developments behind the scenes.

Terry was excited to see what fans could do with this story and screening the ‘work in progress’ version to him in October of last year was one of the high points of the project for many of the cast & crew. Since he passed away, positive conversations with his management have continued.

As a result, Snowgum films are exceptionally pleased to announce that Rob Wilkins, who is known to the Discworld community for his years of work at Terry’s side and as one of the owners of Narrativia, has recently signed on as an Executive Producer for Troll Bridge. Rob brings with him his amazingly deep knowledge of Discworld and contacts in every corner of the fan and creative community.

This doesn’t change how the film is being run in any way. It is still a fan film and will still be released to the fans and backer as per Terry’s wishes. But what it does provide is the support and confidence to push hard and deliver a film that will sit proudly alongside other productions of Discworld lore.