Welcome to Discworld.com!

Wednesday, 5th August , 2015

Crivens! Our name is changing! PJSM Prints has been supplying official Discworld artwork and merchandise for over twenty years, but during that time we have grown and evolved, and we’re now about so much more than prints and cards. Today we revel in exploring every aspect of Terry Pratchett’s legendary Discworld so we’re delighted to announce that we are now becoming Discworld.com! We will still provide all the same high quality products but you will now be able to interact with us much more, join our social community and keep up with all the latest Discworld news.

And to celebrate, we’re launching a new website with our updated look and social platforms built in. The range of Discworld products you know and love is  available to buy here right now, and we will soon launch a new improved Roundworld section! We fully understand that the browsing experience will be different for those of you who know our time-honoured site well, so we will run PJSM Prints concurrently for a period of time to allow you to use either if you’re in a hurry, and to enable you to continue ordering all your favourite Roundworld products. Please do take a look at our new site, we’d love to hear your feedback and have provided two dedicated email addresses for you to get in touch; feedback@discworld.com and web@discworld.com.