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Goodbye to the Year of the Pensive Hare..

31st December 2009


It’s official; we can soon wave goodbye to the Year of the Pensive Hare as we welcome in the…

‘ Year of the Happy Goose ‘

Terry Pratchett

Arise, Sir Terry!

30th December 2009

Folks, There are times when the phrase “Absolutely, totally, gobsmackingly, mindbogglingly amazed” just doesn’t cover it, but I find that in the Queen’s New Year Honours list I am now a Knight, for services to literature.  This means that fans, while not calling me Sir, must now refrain from throwing things.  Regrettably, no sword is included in the box 🙂…

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15th December 2009

The Studio Theatre Club has lost one more of its original City Watch.  Graham Cook died the week after appearing as Recent Runes in the STC’s Unseen University.  It was unexpected, and a huge shock to all who knew him.  Graham was a real character, irritating at times (like all of us!), but always chatting away about something and with…

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Hogswatch message from Terry

12th December 2009

Dear Wonderful Fans, Well, some…  A few…  Well, at least three of you… First a little seasonal note.  We are sending out no Hogswatch cards this year, but the money instead – £10,000 – has gone to the RICE Centre, thus helping the cause of Alzheimer’s research and treatment and the cause of keeping your mantelpiece totally uncluttered and thus…

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Only you can save mankind – the musical

18th November 2009

We’ve received a letter from Leighton James House that goes… Dear Sandra, At last! Here is the artwork image and finally the announcement regarding the release of ‘Only You Can Save Mankind’ album It goes live on itunes (and similar digital sites) on the 23rd November! Now fully mastered – and with some hidden treats. The actual CD will be…

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Unseen Academicals – launch

4th October 2009

Come and celebrate the launch of Unseen Academicals, the 37th Discworld novel with us! At a tournament of ‘foot-the-ball’ at Wincanton Sports Ground in Somerset on Saturday 10th October at 11am. Tickets are only £1 each and are available at the gate. Come along and join in the fun!


2nd October 2009

Folks, I expect that most of you know that I am determined to die peacefully in my own garden before my Alzheimer’s has reached its most unpleasant stage, which might still be quite some time away.  That is why I am now a patron of Dignity in Dying and my new friends there have asked me to pass on this…

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North American Convention

1st September 2009

That’s it. We’re all packed and are on our way to Arizona! Yes folks, we’re on our way to The North American Discworld Convention (a.k.a. NADWCon). The NADWCon program includes several large-scale events, such as the Gala Banquet, Maskerade (honoring Terry’s novel of the same name), Charity Auction, and Guest of Honor Interview. The 2009 convention also features a convention-wide…

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Unseen Academicals – UK Bound Proof

22nd August 2009

We are currently auctioning an extremely rare UK bound proof of Unseen Academicals. This is one of only 120 copies worldwide and the lucky winner will have theirs signed and dedicated by Terry.

Good luck and happy bidding!

Going Postal – Cast List

26th July 2009

Below is the current cast list which we shall add to as and when we have news!

Moist von Lipwig – Richard Coyle

Reacher Guilt – David Suchet

Lord Vetinari – Charles Dance

Adora Belle Dearheart – Claire Foy

Drumknott – Steve Pemberton

Groat – Andrew Sachs

Miss Cripslock – Tamsin Greig

Going Postal Fan Days in Budapest

22nd July 2009

We have now identified 3 days in August that we could invite a limited number of fans to Budapest to act as extras alongside our Hungarian extras during the shooting of Going Postal. The days are Monday and Tuesday 10/11th August (a maximum of 15 fans) and Friday 21st August (maximum of 12 fans) Total 27 fans. PLEASE NOTE :…

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Terry’s July Update

21st July 2009

Folks, Today we have been finishing the editing of Unseen Academicals. It has been an immensely complex month with the Darwin Festival in Cambridge, the Oldie literary lunch, an honorary doctorate from Bradford; all of which has been exacerbated by a breakdown in one of our main machines. Next week we go to see the National to discuss their upcoming…

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25th June 2009

PRIORITY ONLINE BOOKING FROM MONDAY 29 JUNE Fans can book their tickets online ahead of the general public on Monday 29 June. To access priority online booking please follow the instructions below: Go to and select Nation from the list of productions. In the box on the right hand side of the screen labelled ‘Promotion code’ enter the code…

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Update from Mob films

25th May 2009

Rob has received an update! Dear Rob, Just a note to say all is progressing on schedule towards starting filming Going Postal, which is now only a matter of weeks away. Base camp is set up in Budapest with Jon and the troops making their way there as we speak, however the filming schedule, which I did anticipate at this…

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Update from Terry

12th April 2009

Folks, Probably the strangest, but certainly one of the most rewarding activities over the past month would be the smelting of iron ore to make my own sword, with the help of Jake Keen, formally of the Iron Age Centre in Cranborne. This involved collecting the iron ore (yes, there more of it about that you would think) from a nearby…

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30th March 2009

Monday March 30 at 12noon Terry Pratchett, together with many of the singers involved, will be attending the first recording session and will be available for TV, radio and print interviews. Venue: Air Edel Studios, 18 Rodmarton Street, London, W1U 8BJ RSVP to Kevin Wilson at Clout 07884 368697 CLOUT COMMUNICATIONS LTD 79 Wardour Street London W1D 6QD Tel:  020…

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More fantastic news from Leighton James House;

7th March 2009

More fantastic news from Leighton James House; Dear Rob, In addition to my last missive, I now have great pleasure in announcing that Kerry Ellis is joining us in the studio; She is currently starring in ‘Wicked’, was in the original cast of ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Chess’ in concert and a solo artist in the Royal Variety Performance…

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Only You Can Save Mankind – The Album

4th March 2009

We have just received the following good news from Leighton James House; Dear Rob. Only You Can Save Mankind – The Album As if you didn’t already have enough Pratchett news for one month, here’s ours… After our critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival  in 2004 – and a 5 year break, tut, tut – I am delighted to…

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